Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Parasite monsters, kissing, and the screen of death

So....I'm sitting here watching, "Monster's Inside Me" with Kevin and trying to make Rathead watch it. It's awesome. This guy had a parasite that attacked his liver and he had 2 puss-filled abcesses and this girl had something and then it said that she was allergic and Sarah cursed the tv and the cable magically went out on that station! What is the girl allergic to???? I don't know! This will ruin the entire show now! "Friends" it is. I hope you're happy Sarah!

Oh well. I'm using Rathead's laptop for my blogging and have severely missed having instant access to my blog due our desktop giving up it's life. "Sigh" Nothing will load...ok, this is not entirely true, because random porn folders keep popping up from a stupid trojan virus. Anyway, the only screen that the computer would show me was the screen of death. Now that I've got that out of the way we'll talk about more important things.

Like kissing. The thought of the day will be kissing. Kissing, kissing, kissing! Sometimes I sit around and wonder that since it's been so long since I've kissed anyone(excluding family cheek smooches) what if I've forgotten how?!? I would die. I've only really kissed 3 guys unless you count the time that Michael came over to the apt drunk 8+ years ago and tried to plant some on me and also assisted me decorate Christmas cookies(the ugliest cookies I've ever given out, ha!) and when we had New Years at the Matala's when I was like 15 and I drew Craig Burge's name out of the hat. (Yes Craig I did have a slight crush on you earlier in life) There was the first guy I ever kissed and I was absolutely terrified! The first kiss I totally froze on and it took me awhile to not be paranoid that I would mess it all up, but it was ok cause we were in the dark in a tent made of blankets in the livingroom watching "The Shining" and it was dark so he couldn't see how nervous I was. After that it was my favorite past-time and he let me practice it a lot, LOL. 2 years later he broke my heart so I was back to being "kissless".....until creepy guy from the internet started pursuing me and I allowed myself to believe that he was geniunely interested in me. Big mistake! I actually met him at his apartment and he laced my coke with LOTS of Amaretto so it didn't take long before there was kissing, etc. That ended badly or well depending on how you look at it. It ended badly because I had to force him off of me and fight my way out of his home, but it ended well because he wasn't able to rape me, so... Then there was my last relationship which ended a few years ago and it was ok, but I didn't really know him and he'd rather watch wrestling than kiss and make out=unacceptable. I guess I said all this to just say that I need some kissing in my life and if I don't get some I will cut someone. :)

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