Saturday, June 19, 2010

Long week, but good.

I left work early yesterday afternoon due to it being a super-long week and choosing to take a little time to myself and ended up going to be by 11:15pm! It was Friday night and I was in bed, lol. I did watch a movie with my mom (The Book of Eli which is awesome). I've realized lately just how much I don't see my mom and the kids anymore. I see them at church and I see mom every other weekend usually when the kids are at dad's.
Great news this youngest sister, Sarah Grace, became a believer! I have prayed for this for years. A few days before she became a Christian I was looking through some old pics that my Aunt Steph has of Sarah Grace on her fb page and just felt overwhelmed for my sister. I ached for when she was younger, before she turned angry most of the time. I remember when she was happy and carefree. I sat there and cried and prayed for her. God is so good! Sometimes my sinful nature despairs and thinks that some people will never come to Christ, but there is always hope! I should be obedient and tell people of Christ and live my life for Him alone, but the Holy Spirit draws people to the Lord and God's timing is never off. Never. I am so excited to watch her grow.
I'm also excited about women's mentoring that we're starting at Hunsinger soon. I need an older woman to come along-side me and I need to pour myself into a younger woman. I need to pour myself into something and someone. I've always poured myself into my job, but it consumes me and that is not glorifying to God. Christ should consume me-my thoughts, my desires, my hopes, my time. I have no idea what I'm supposed to do with the Refugee Ministry. I'll be meeting with Brian this Thursday. I just feel lost when it comes to what to do right now, which ministry to focus on. I think that means that I just need to focus on Christ and He'll lead me to what I should do. I am not spending time in the Word everyday and therein lies the problem.

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