Sunday, June 20, 2010

Unexpected blessing!

Ok, so I was sitting here at home thinking about finances and feeling a bit overwhelmed. I work long hours and hard to pay my bills and to be able to give to others in need and lately haven't had a lot due to paying out the wazoo for vacation and still waiting for others to pay me back for their portion of vacation, extra bills,forgetting about a couple of bills, etc. Also, when my wallet was stolen a few months back I closed my old account, but it took a couple months to get my new direct deposit straight and I had to keep transferring funds and the deposits kept re-opening my old account even though it wasn't supposed to which led to debits coming out that weren't supposed to, etc. Anyway, this led to my old account being overdrawn and ridiculous things of that nature. It's just been very stressful and difficult to straighten out. So....I just checked on my old account and it's overdrawn(of course) and I'm sitting here knowing that there isn't anything that I can do because I don't have extra money right now and am nervous because I'm afraid that I'll have to pay 2 peoples rent this month as well, so I want to make sure that I have money period at the end of the month. I sat down at the table and started going through the mail from the last week or so and was crying, but at peace because I knew that God would take care of me and I opened a check from the US treasury that I was convinced was for $19 because I had to pay $370 to the gov't and was getting $19 back from state and it was for $400!!!!! Apparently the person that did my taxes didn't realize that I was eligible for something else and I had a check! WOO-HOO!!!!!! How amazing is my God! He provides for me when I need it and in His timing and when I don't expect it. Thankyou Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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