Friday, September 11, 2009

“Stay away”

"You are too near to me, this closeness I’ve come to hate, go back across the sea I beg where waters did separate.
"I can feel you in this place, I sense you in my city. You’re far too near, your presence unwanted here, will you again prey on others foolish pity?
"For a short time I was without you in my thoughts, I was given silent peace, now you return like salt in a burn, your damage will never cease.
"You are a walking, breathing lie and so many you’ve deceived, it has been a very long time since your madness I believed.
"You stole what wasn’t yours, you took it with full intention. And afterward into my ears you spoke poison and with bragging you made mention:
That you twisted and preyed on kindness, oh how you killed all truth that got in your way, you broke him to shatter me, and for what, just to prove that you would have your way?
"I long for the day when you are seen for the manipulating force that you are, by the people who’ve defended you while you played the victim and who are convinced that you’re their little shining star.
"You breathe filth and lies and scar my memories, your very being blackens my painful stains; the seething wounds that your acts created, I cry for mercy to not see you with such disdain."
Jennifer Vincent

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